What is WMI Provider Host and How to Stop

WMI describes for wmiprvse.exe high CPU, or you can also say it is management instrument of Windows. WMI is a component of Windows operating system which helps to give PC data and also handle it. WMI provider host is available in the Wbem file which is located in the system folder, and also it uses to ask a question, set different icons or data on the desktop screen like software, applications, and other components.We are basically here to answer an asked question which is about wmi provider host Windows 10. Below in this article, you will find the answer to your question that how to stop wmi provider host high CPU Windows 10. Read all the instruction below carefully, so you will be able to stop wmiprvse.exe high CPU in your Windows 10.

Steps to stop wmi provider host Windows 10

Solution 1: – First thing you should do is, repair all of your corrupted files and this you have to download the Reimage Plus. It is software to repair, scan and restore your all corrupt files. So download this software from here, run it into your computer. If this solution will not work then doesn’t worry we have more solution below try one of them.

Solution 2: – For solving the issue of wmi provider host you can restart other associated services. For this you have to do right click on the menu of start button then a pop up will occur, and you have to select “Command Prompt” from there. When the command prompt window opens type all these commands there one by one net stop iphlpsvc, net stop Winmgmt and net start iphlpsvc and press enter key after typing every command.When it all will be done then restart your computer once, and you will find that your CPU is working normally.


Solution 3: – the Third solution is you can do restart the windows management instrumentation service. Press the Windows key + R both at the same time; Run dialog will appear on the screen types service.msc on it. Now it will open the service console select the Window Management Instrumentation Service. Search this service now right click on it and restart that service. You can also stop other services which you want to stop; it will help you to fix up the issue of wmi provider host high CPU Windows 10.


Solution 4: – find the event viewer process and make it disable or uninstall. For this go to your Enter Viewer, or you can search it in your start menu. Now after opening Event Viewer, click on View in the toolbar which is located at the top of the screen. Then enable “Show Analytic Debug Logs” option. Now go to the WMI activities, choose operationally. There you can control it and stuck out from this issue.


Final Verdict

So guys, thank you all for visiting this blog; hope you liked the above article. One of these solutions must help you for solving your issue of wmi provider host. For other PC related blog go to our homepage.

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