WhatsApp Quote Messages – Rolling Out the New Feature

WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature in chat section – Quote Messages. This means you will be able to quote a message when you reply in a chat.

At first, this feature was firstly available for the beta version of WhatsApp Android App (v.2.16.118) according to the reports. But now, it is available for all the WhatsApp users though the update is not available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

If you want to use this feature, then tap and hold on a message in a chat window. You will see a “reply” button in the action bar. It allows the user to reply the message by quoting it. This is the use of new quote-and-reply feature of WhatsApp.

If you want to check the previously sent quoted message, tap on the quote when you receive a reply. It will let you know what you have said in the original message.

Other Features

As we all know the Apple Vs. FBI incident on a locked iPhone after the San Bernardino attacks. So, WhatsApp has made an advanced step by expanding end-to-end encryption in all of its platforms. It covers all kind of communications; voice, chat, and videos. It provides an extremely strong protection to its users with the end-to-end encryption. This means the data transferred between two users can be read by only them, no any third party app, not even WhatsApp can decrypt those messages between a sender and a receiver. WhatsApp has also changed the settings screen in its recent updates.    

Whereas in the beta version of WhatsApp, there are other new and exciting features are introduced by the company. The features include video calling which can be seen in some devices with WhatsApp version 2.16.80 (the users cannot make video calls actually, though), rich text formatting options in chat sections, replying from a notification shade, and another couple of exciting changes.


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