Steps to Apply DIY Bedliner on Rockers

Do you ever wonder about the importance of a rocker panel in your car? Well, if you had not, then you do not love your car because a rocker panel is an integral steel body part in your car which is placed at the front and rear wheel well opening and the sides of your car. Every time you enter or get off the car, you use the rocker panels to put your feet over. So, such part of your car needs some good care and love. Using a DIY bed liner for rocker panels is what you can get to protect them as well as getting rid of the dust, smooth over bumps from your car. It also provides a beautiful look to your vehicle.

There are a bunch of DIY bedliners available in the market, and you can choose the DIY bedliner for the rocker panels by considering the features and specifications mentioned by the manufacturer. After getting the perfect DIY bedliner, the next step is to apply it on rockers. If you are doing this for the first time or do not know from where to start, then follow these below steps to apply DIY bedliner on Rockers of your car.


The first step is to decide on which parts of rocker panels you want to apply the bed liner. Areas like fender flares, front bumper, tailgate parts are some of the areas that you may want to apply bedliner on.


Remove any body molding made on the rocker panels and then start sanding them. Scuff the entire surface area that you want to apply bedliner on and also remove the loose paint and rust.


The next step is wiping of the area on which you are going to apply the bedliner on. You can use rags and cleaners for it. And remember to wear gloves while doing this. Wipe out some extra two-three inches of area to apply the tape on it.


After cleaning process is completed, start taping the area. Don’t make any hurry here. If you mess up things, then everyone will take notice of it. Don’t hesitate to take couple of hours for taping, but do it rightly.


Mix up the bedliner with the mixing attachment and drill. Suspend all the rubber particles from it and mix it up every four to five minutes after you start applying the bedliner on the rockers, because they drop quickly.


Use the brush to dab the bedliner on the paint and the area where rollers can’t be used. Hence it is a two-coat process, it is not a problem if you see some paint after dabbing the bedliner on it. Use a roller to dab the main areas same way as you did with the brush.


Wait for an hour or so to let the bedliner dry out. Apply the second coat before it gets ‘tacky.’ After applying two successful coats, remove the tapes before the liner dries on them. If there is any bleed-through, then clean it up or use the razor blade after letting it dry to remove it. Use a flashlight to detect any spots in the bedliner and set it up if you find any. And you are done!

Applying a Best DIY bedliner on rockers is not a very difficult task, but you need to do it rightly and with some passions. You can easily apply the bedliner on rocker panels of your car by following the above steps. Mention in the comment which is your favorite DIY bedliner and how did you apply it on rockers.

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