How to Solve Network Settings are Blocking Party Chat in Xbox One

It is so irritating when video game climax is at its peak, and there comes some error, and the game stops!!! Most gamers have been experienced that right? That is the time when you get angry/upset and smash your devices. Some people break them too in frustration. Lol. But nooo… that is not at all a good idea as all our gaming devices are very expensive nowadays. 😉 So keep calm and stay tuned to solve your problems.

In this article, I am talking about Xbox one. Xbox One is one of the best home video game consoles. As you know, Xbox one is a Microsoft product, and that is one important reason to buy that. But ultimately it’s a gaming device. If you want to know the answer of “How to solve network settings are blocking party chat in Xbox one”, then read on this post.

You might be having following error code on your screen when you try to join a party chat on Xbox One:


Your network settings block the Party Chat

Whenever this kind of error message is blinking on your screen, you should understand that the Internet connection between you and your friend’s (or game rivals) Xbox consoles is lost.

To resolve your Xbox one party chat issues, you and the opposite party should use the ‘Xbox One Multiplayer Game Solution.’

Solution 1 Network Address Translation (NAT)

Most of the time, NAT is the one and only issue for such Xbox one party chat. You should check that your NAT type is set to open. There are various types of NAT –

  •    Strict
  •    Moderate
  •    Open

If you and the other player want to play the game without any interruption, set your NAT type to ‘open.’

Now let’s discuss what you can do to set your NAT type!

You can follow these steps –

  • Go to Settings, then click on All Settings. In that, find Network, click on Network Settings and then go to Current Network Status.
  • And then check your NAT type and set to Open.

Solution 2 – Turn off your Xbox one console and switch off the power button.

This is the easiest solution and everyone love to consider this at the first place. And good news!!! It may work out and solve your issue. Your console keeps all the records of temp. in its cache. Because of this, sometimes temp. Files can get corrupted and occur this kind of error.

To fix this, just turn your Xbox console off and unplug the cable and wait for one or two minutes. Then, restart the whole consoles again! Because of this process, the cache will be all clear, and the error can be resolved.


As per Microsoft, Xbox one console is an “all-in-one entertainment system.” Xbox one console is one of the biggest competition for Sony’s PS-4 and Nintendo’s Wii U. Xbox One is unique from others because of;

  •    Its cool design,
  •    Its multimedia features,
  •    Its voice navigation,
  •    Its quieter processor, etc.

But, gamers also have some negative views regarding Xbox one, as it runs the games at a lower level. PS-4 has better results on the graphical comparison. We hope you now know “How to solve network settings are blocking party chat in Xbox one.”

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