3 Methods for Solving Unexpected Store Exception Error Windows 10

After the Windows 10 Anniversary update, the users report that computer gets the freeze and displays the error message of an unexpected store exception windows 10 which is accompanied by the feared BSOD or the Blue Screen of Death.

Unexpected Store Exception Error

What is unexpected store exception?

The Windows 10 brought additional features along with unwanted exceptions and errors. One such error is “unexpected store exception”. Many users face the problem of it. Every time the users have to restart the PC whenever they encounter an error.

To resolve the problem of BSOD unexpected store exception, you can employ three methods. So I would like to discuss three methods regarding unexpected store exception windows 10 fix. Have a look:

1. Uninstall Anti-Virus Program – You will find Microsoft Defender in Windows 10 by default. So your Pc will be guarded even you remove your antivirus. Follow the three steps to uninstall it:

  • First press the “Windows Key + X” to pull up the pop-up menu. Then the start button will appear.
  • Then from the list select “Control Panel.” In the control panel, you will find the section on “Programs.” Click on it.
  • You will find the list of programs that is installed on your computer. Locate the anti-virus software from the list and click on “Uninstall. If there are multiple versions of protection software installed, then uninstall all of them. Then it will be asked whether you would like to proceed with the uninstallation, then click yes.
  • To complete uninstallation, follow the onscreen steps. After that restart your computer.
  • The chances of the error to appear gets very little. If you again face the same problem repeatedly, then there are other methods to resolve the issue.

2. Update Hardware Drivers – It is observed that outdated hardware driver causes the problem of unexpected store error. To check this, use a professional driver update ability tool like Driver talent. This tool will check the out-of-date, corrupt and damaged drivers immediately. It will update them automatically within few minutes. There are three steps for downloading and installing drivers with driver talent to get rid of the error.

  • Scanning– Scan your computer by clicking on “Scan” button. The full scanning of your PC will start which will identify in seconds the outdated, corrupt and missing device drivers.
  • Updating Hardware Drivers– To fix the detected impaired drivers click “Repair.” After that, you will observe that the best-matched drivers for Windows 10 update will be automatically downloaded and installed by the Driver Talent.  
  • Rebooting– To apply hardware driver updates correctly, rebooting is required.

3. Run System File Checker– You can also try to run built-in System File Checker to repair corrupt files on your computer.

  • First, click the “Start” button and then select Command Prompt. In it enter sfc  /Scannow and press enter. Then all the corrupt files will be scanned and repaired by the system file checker tool.  


The new operating system by Microsoft offers users the improved features to enjoy. But it is never devoid of issues. The unexpected store exception is an error message which I have discussed above. Sometimes this problem is directly related to Windows Store or your computer. To resolve the issue, follow the methods appropriately which are very instructive.   


Dwayne Frost

I am a tech geek by passion and love to tinker with my new gadgets. I always look for the upgraded versions of the technology, software, and then analyze them for review. When I get a problem on my PC, I find the best solution available for it online and then share the tips with my readers.

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