How Big Does a Pomsky Get?

Pomsky is the cross breed of Siberian Husky with a Pomeranian. As such the traits of both has been passed on to the Pomsky. These charming little dogs have made their place in the hearts of the people. Even they enjoy a lot the company of the children. To bring Pomsky at home is a big challenge in your life.

“How big does the Pomsky get when it is full grown’’ is the most common question.

On the internet or on facebook and other social media sites lots of eye-catching and cute pictures of Pomsky are listed that create attraction in the hearts of the dog lovers. People like to hug these beautiful creatures. They can’t do that with a Siberian Husky but quite comfortable with the miniature husky. Dog lovers desire awesomeness and majestic beauty of the Siberian Husky in a miniature form.

The smallest pomskies weight will be fifteen pounds on an average. To know the weight of the puppy is to add the weights of both the parents and then divide it in half. This is the way to find on an average, about how much Pomsky will weigh when they fully grow up. Generally, the weight of full grown pomsky is 20-30 pounds and the height is 15-17 inches.

There will be the different amount of weight and height for the full grown pomskies. Until they reach maturity their actual size cannot be known as the size and genetics of their parents are the only important deciding factor. The personality, temperament and physical appearance also depend on the same.

Teacup Pomeranian

They are also known as Toy Pomeranians which belong to Spitz family. They are small in size highly active and playful. Their weight is around 5-9 pounds and height is about 7-12 inches. A fully-grown Teacup Pomeranian is shorter than 11 inches and weight is not more than 5 pounds. A teacup is so small in size that you can think of carrying it in a pocket or purse also, you should not do that, though.

What supplies need for a Pomsky?

Everything has to be planned in advance for the new member so that everything is carried out smoothly. Before bringing Pomsky puppy at home make sure you have essential stocked at your home. The safe supplies will give comfort to Pomsky. The following important Pet dog supplies are as follows:

1. Water and food bowls

Heavy bottomed bowls made up of stainless steel and ceramics should be provided for food and water.

2. Crate

The crate should be big enough in size so that your pet can turn and twist comfortably.

3. Chew Toys

It should be durable and nontoxic so that your Pomsky can enjoy chewing the toys without giving pressure to their teeth.

4. Collar with ID tag

Pomsky should be given identification tag containing the name and contact information of the owner which prevent losing your Pomsky.

5. Grooming Kit

A strong bond is created by grooming your pet. So, grooming must be done by buying the kit for all requirements.


The Pomsky is a cross between a 21 and 8 inches Siberian Husky and Pomeranian respectively. So, as a result, there is a lot of size variation among them. Generally, the breed weight and height on average is 20-30 pounds and 15-17 inches respectively.

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