Best White Noise Apps of 2016

White Noise is used for getting a better sleep at night by masking the unwanted disturbing sounds. It gives stress less sleep at night and relaxes during the day. If you own a smartphone or tablet, then there are a lot of white noise apps available in the PlayStore which create soothing sounds and give you a peaceful environment. A best white noise app provides a better atmosphere to improve your work efficiently. It uses different sounds that reduce the brain wave complexity and induce stable sleep time. Such things help to improve the sleep quality of individuals. We have enlisted the Best White Noise Apps of 2016 to provide the facility to sleep calmly.

1. White Noise

The White Noise App provides the ambient sounds of atmosphere that help you relax. It can generate 40 different sounds.

Its benefits are:

  • Blocking the destruction
  • Reducing the stress

Features of White Noise App are given below:

  • 40+ looped sounds
  • Create the sounds using the mixture of a variety of noises
  • On screen volume control and Media player


2. Meditation relaxes music sleep

   It offers 6 sessions of meditation sounds and unbeatable 6 hours without repeating any sounds. It stops the anxiety, relieves a headache, stress, etc. From the variety of different sounds, you can easily search and get the best white noise for sleep.

Features of Meditation Relax Music Sleep are below:

  •    6 hours continue sounds without repetition
  •    Turn on sleep timer and automatically it stops the music
  •    It is available in two languages: English and Spanish

3. Sleep Time Smart Alarm Clock

It is introduced by Azumio, it leaves you rested after every night sleep. It uses the sensitive accelerometer for detecting movements. Its advanced algorithm detects your phase of sleep and sets the alarm at a perfect time.

Features of Sleep Time Smart Alarm Clock are given below:

  • Single gesture used for alarm set
  • 20 built-in alarms provided
  • It works on Advanced wake-up optimization algorithm


4. Pzizz

Pzizz is the #1 App in USA, UK, Canada, and many more countries. Pzizz uses the patterned algorithm for creating the dynamic dreamscape that quickly put you to sleep, quite your brain, and wake up refreshed. More than 500000 people are using the Pzizz and sleeping well.

Features of the Pzizz White Noise App are given below:

  • Sleep and Nap Module
  • Voiceover turns on/off
  • Built-in and customized alarm
  • Offline playback


5. Sleepmaker Rain

You sleep better when rain falls steadily and winds blow the trees. This App provides the real rain recording sounds, not rain effects. Sounds are recorded live from the pristine wilderness of World Heritage Listed Forests in Tasmania, Australia.


6. Naturespace

One of the best quality white noise sounds is found in Naturespace. This App provides the accurate 3D recording from the most beautiful locations. It provides 6 free tracks that provide really amazing sounds.

Benefits of Naturespace White Noise App are:

  • Spatially realistic
  • Stop the anxiety and insomnia issues
  • Sounds are real recording, Not a system generated


7. Ambiance

It uses over 2500 free sounds and also creates customized sounds and much more.

Features of Ambiance:

  • Sounds play in background
  • It comes with HD images
  • Also, you can create the custom alarms
  • Share sounds to anybody


8. SleepBot

SleepBot White Noise App records the movement and sounds during the night. It is the only application that includes the motion and sound graphs, trend graphs, custom alarms, etc.

Features of SleepBot:

  • Customized alarms
  • Motion tracking and recording options
  • You can also set Automatic alarm

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