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Reddit – One of the most dominant names on the internet when someone wishes to get all the latest updates happening in the web world. If the news has hit the front pages on the internet, then it will be definitely on Reddit. Be it the politics, entertainment, technology or gossips of a famous personality, all gets published on Reddit. This is the reason why a huge part of online audience visits Reddit on a daily basis. One can be anonymous still take part in discussions and talk about their view on different topics. Still, there is a thirst of finding websites like Reddit where people can connect to similar thinking people.

We have accumulated a list of sites like Reddit that gives a piece of entertainment like never before.

  1.      9Gag:

Many won’t consider 9Gag as a real alternative to Reddit, but this is one site you need to bookmark for all the interesting and funny post around the internet. Be it the latest gossips, images or funny memes, 9Gas is one place to share, read or comment. Be there to start a new discussion or just a silent spectator watching all the fun at a single location.

  1.      Quora:

With all the fame getting to Reddit, Quora came into existence to get yourself engaged in the intelligent conversation started from a simple question. Funny, but one can start a whole conversation and flow of knowledge in Quora. All you have to do is become the user, post a question and there will be many experts helping you with the solution. You can also become a guide by answering few question. There are expert’s people to follow, a whole community which is dedicated to particular discussion still make sure to avoid spammy posts.

  1.      ProductHunt:

ProductHunt is a website that describes itself by the name. Looking for a place to hunt down some of the world’s best product then ProductHunt should be on top of the list. You can also checklist made and shared the other users, comment on product, share experience or get guidance. ProductHunt is the place to get every little information for all the desired products in the market which makes it a real Reddit alternative.

  1.      4Chan:

4Chan is one other big name when it comes to sites like Reddit. The specialty of this website is the users don’t need to register themselves for posting images or taking part in discussions. Just go to 4Cahn to open yourself for intelligent conversations regarding music, movies, video games, technology, Japanese anime and much more.

  1.      Hacker News:

If you are looking for a straightforward site without any flashy signs or pop-ups, then you must check out the Hacker News. Hacker News is a must read website for all geeks, tech enthusiasts, Startups enthusiasts, Entrepreneurs, and hackers. The popularity of each story on this channel is calculated by the points given by the members. The uploaded story with maximum points will make on top of the board. Most of the published content here are from the credible sources like Washington Post, the New York Times, etc. You can make comments on the post, start a discussion or post news that’s worth sharing with same minded people.

  1.      StumbleUpon:

When we mention discovering new stuff on similar to Reddit, then StumbleUpon is one site you should check out. Individuals who love checking out stuff online, can login into StumbleUpon, check out other great stuff, like or dislike the content, comments or share to other social media platform. So next time when you want to check out new stuff, take a stumble on “StumbleUpon.”

  1.      NewsVine:

Get all the updates of news from all around the world from a popular broadcast platform “NewsVine.” Similar to Reddit or StumbleUpon, NewsVine discusses upon Technology and all the latest updates from the corners of the world. Be it entertainment, politics, fashion, or gossips, you can all get in one place.

  1.    Digg:

The list of Reddit alternative websites will remain incomplete without mentioning Digg. This website is known for featuring everything that’s is talk around the web. Get to know about the latest news, videos, read interesting articles and much more. Digg has many acquired mass attention and you should also become a registered user is you are looking for a site similar to Reddit.

  1.    Slashdot:

A must visit the page for all the geeks out there; Slashdot offers the users a great portable for the news on latest technology and inventions. If you are the tech geek, then better register and bookmark this site on the browser. Considered as one of the most popular sites like Reddit that features news from different sources all around the world. You can take part in the discussion, comment and get to know different people who are interested in the same thing as you.

So, these are the top 9 best Reddit alternative sites rolling over the world of internet today. You can always register on these alternative sites like Reddit to gather and share information which means it is not mandatory to rely only on Reddit.

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