How to Solve Network Settings are Blocking Party Chat in Xbox One

It is so irritating when video game climax is at its peak, and there comes some error, and the game stops!!! Most gamers have been experienced that right? That is the time when you get angry/upset and smash your devices. Some people break them too in frustration. Lol. But nooo… that is not at all […]

How to Solve Memory Management Error in Windows 10

Windows 10 memory management errors are the common problem now a day in PC or laptop, and it is also called 0x0000001A appeared above is a basic Windows blunder. At the point when Windows recognizes a breakdown in the framework memory or drivers, it crashes itself and presentations this mistake message in a blue screen […]

WhatsApp Quote Messages – Rolling Out the New Feature

WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature in chat section – Quote Messages. This means you will be able to quote a message when you reply in a chat. At first, this feature was firstly available for the beta version of WhatsApp Android App (v.2.16.118) according to the reports. But now, it is available for […]