The Arduino which is also known as a microcontroller is a pocket-sized computer which can be programmed and used to control the circuits. There are many blogs available on the web which provide a sound knowledge about the Arduino and the Arduino starter kits. So, here we will discuss the great Arduino projects for beginners.

Completing a meaningful and sensible Arduino project gives a good sense of satisfaction. But for the beginners, an awful problem is they don’t know from where and how to start. Many of them just search on the web, pick any random project and start to build without any prior knowledge or experience. Sometimes it works well, but most of the time they get a failure in building what they intended and lastly just drop the idea of working with this amazing microcontroller! How painful! So, to give you relief from such awkward condition, we are providing a list of top 5 Arduino projects for beginners which are easy to learn and implement.

Just to Remind:

To ensure, you don’t need to rush here and there for the last moment preparations for your Arduino project, just make sure that you have a good Arduino beginners kit which includes:

  • An Arduino
  • Resistors
  • LEDs
  • Jumper wires
  • Breadboard
  • Buttons

Ok, let’s go to the list know.

1)    Traffic Light Controller

This is a super simple Arduino project which can be done even without Arduino!!! Just joking, you will need an Arduino board for it, but yes it is very simple to implement. It will provide you a good Arduino programming experience at a basic level. It uses a Red, Yellow, and Green LED to create a traffic light on your breadboard. You will get an opportunity to hack the coding to adjust the output.

2)    Play Tones as Per Light Intensity (Tone Changer)

For this, you will need an LDR (Light Dependent Resistor), an 8ohm loudspeaker, a 4K7 resistor, and a 100ohm resistor apart from an Arduino, breadboard, LEDs and jumper wires. As you move your hand around the LDR, the light intensity will change and the tone will be played on the loudspeaker with a change of pitch. The Arduino analog pin A0 will read the LDR value and will be displayed on the Arduino serial monitor window.

3)    Arduino Basic Alarm System

This simple alarm system detects a movement using a motion sensor and then emits a high pitched tone as well as a visual display with flashing LED lights. This project will need a couple of extra accessories apart from your Arduino Starter Kit for Beginners. This system is perfect for securing the privacy of small spaces like your bedroom, your fridge or to give you alert of your intruding roommates!

Add-ons you’ll need:

  • An LED strip light
  • An ultrasonic “ping” sensor
  • A piezo buzzer

4)    Speaking Clock

This basic Arduino project needs lots of LEDs with display shield to show the time and a text to speech chip to make the clock speak. After you got the hardware together, you will just need a quick download software from some open source code. After doing this you will get your clock talking and tell you the real time.

5)    Arduino Garage Door Opener

You can put this project in the category of IoT (Internet of Things). It is a great example of a coordination of an Arduino and a smartphone to open and close your garage door. It just needs an Arduino, a relay, a long network cable and other basic accessories like wire and a soldering iron.

Keep in mind that these are the basic introductions of the projects, you can find the source codes and step-by-step guides to implement them on the web easily. So, what are you waiting for, just get your first Arduino kit and start building your own Arduino design without any help!

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